It is important to read the following publication guidelines before publishing a list of any kind on any of our services. Considering that in speaking of a listing on the following rules of publication, we are talking about the user input for sections of the portal: Grow Shops, Banks Seed Cannabis Associations, events, etc., dynamic sections currently receiving input information by users.

In we care about the quality of service, that is why we make constant review, approval of the lists published. A cares ads have quality content and are published in the correct category.
To publish a list or list FEATURED be taken into account:

Listing rules:

1. The list should be legal: The content of free will offer a service that is in accordance with the laws of the country.
2. The list will be descriptive: The content of free will describe the service.
3. Specifically Title: The title should have keywords that describe the service.
4. Category: Assorted be published in the correct category, otherwise it will be changed to the appropriate category or removed if necessary.
5. Content: It is strictly forbidden to upload pornographic images or explicit sexual content, hate speech, harassment, copyright or third parties. Spam is forbidden, or repeated listings, proceed to disposal and eventual elimination of accounts to reiterate.

Limitations and / or restrictions for publishing listings on the portal

1. You are not allowed to publish classified as to cause damage to health or morals. (Like pornography, weapons, explicit hard drugs, controlled or abortifacient drugs, illegal products or services contained defamatory, offensive, etc.)
2. Human Rights and Protection of Life. It will be removed all free to put manifest trade or trafficking, human organs or endanger the physical safety of any individual, even before his birth
3. Trademark / Copyright. It is not allowed to publish classified products Trademarks not owned by the poster. It also prohibits copy all or part of the title, text, images, logos or photographs of other classified
4. It is forbidden to add links to other sites classified both the title and the text of the classified
5. It is forbidden to add links to sites unrelated to the product or service depicted in the classified both the title and the text of the classified
6. Animal Protection. Ads that express not publish trade or misuse of endangered animals, wild, exotic, etc. Nor articles prepared from these
7. For reasons of self-competition, we reserve the right to publish listings relating to any area related AREAS THAT SERVE AS A COMPANY; Among them we can mention
1. Directory of any kind
2. Geolocator of any kind
3. Guide any kind

Featured Listings

1. reserves the right to delete a classified fails to comply with the rules of publication, and the advertiser is not entitled to reimbursement if the edit list, the user violates any of our publishing rules listed .
2. When you publish a classified, you agree to the rules of publication. This document is constantly updated and is subject to change at any time. Any publication that does not agree with our rules, will be modified or deleted, if necessary, the user can be excluded and your account will be blocked from the site without notice. reserves the right to determine when a new classified does not comply with its regulations, and the terms and conditions of the site. not responsible for the content of the classifieds. Any publication is the responsibility of the advertiser itself. Our company has the full liberty to notify the appropriate authorities on the information in our system (email, address, phone, etc.), people who have made a bad use of our service (eg. Fraud, theft identity, etc.) if required.